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Fishing with the future in mind

There are no better memories as a kid than fishing from the banks of a lake or stream during a summer evening. It really didn’t matter what you caught, it was just the serenity of it all after a hectic day often filled with paper routes, baseball, and evening chores.

Nowadays spotting kids fishing on the banks of rivers and lakes is not as prevalent as it once was and that’s a shame because fishing is a sport that at the root of it provides that often so neglected quiet time for kids to sort out some of life’s puzzling questions or events. It seems computer games or cell phones have replaced the fishing pole and that quiet spot once coveted by youth.

Fishing is a wholesome tradition and one that should be once again fostered as an activity for our children and grandchildren.

For seniors it is a triple benefit taking a grandchild fishing, especially if you have been away from the sport since the days of your youth. First, it harkens back memories of fishing as a kid and you rediscover how wonderful it is to have that little piece of serenity back in your life; second, you may be introducing a new generation to a sport that many loved as a kid; and third, you will get some quality time with your grandchild.

Most state fish and wildlife departments focus on youth. On their websites youth fishing events are usually listed. So find a place or event and reintroduce yourself and a new generation to the sport of fishing.

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