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Discover new ways in your daily routine to maintain fitness and use a pedometer to help you!

There are activities that we can do everyday that will enhance fitness. For example, walking stairs instead of taking an elevator is a good activity to increase fitness. Also, planting and maintaining a garden will provide you with great food while increasing your fitness level.

Purchasing a pedometer and keeping track of the number of your daily steps helps you stay motivated to increase daily fitness activities. It becomes fun to see how many steps a day you record and then thinking of ways to increase those numbers. Incorporating a 30 minute walk at lunch time is a good way to increase steps. Also, after dinner, if you decrease the amount of time you watch television and fill that time with a walk you will find yet another opportunity to increase steps on your pedometer.

Discover new ways to make your daily routine healthier for you and keep track of your activity with a pedometer.

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